What are the Premium Features You Need to Look for in a Mobile Phone

In today’s booming smartphone market, choosing a mobile phone that suits your needs can be overwhelming. With new models being released yearly, manufacturers constantly add premium features to attract customers. But what exactly are these premium features, and which ones should you prioritize when buying a new phone? Let’s take a closer look.

Premium features to look in a phone

Here are the premium features you should look for in a phone:

Display Quality

The display is one of the key factors to consider when buying a mobile phone. Look for a high-resolution screen with bright and vibrant colors. Opt for an AMOLED or OLED display, which provides deeper blacks and better contrast. Additionally, considering the screen size, a larger display allows for a more immersive multimedia experience. For example, HONOR Magic6 Pro has an OLED screen of 6.8 inches.

Processing Power and Storage

A powerful processor and ample storage are crucial for a smooth and responsive user experience. Look for a phone with a flagship processor that can easily handle demanding tasks. Additionally, ensure that the phone offers sufficient storage capacity, preferably expandable with a microSD card.

Battery Life

Battery life is a significant concern for smartphone users, especially those constantly on the go. Look for a phone with a large battery capacity to ensure a full day of usage without changing frequently. Additionally, phones with fast charging capabilities can be incredibly convenient, allowing you to top up your battery when needed quickly.

Camera Performance

The camera has become a vital aspect of smartphones, with many users relying on their phones to capture precious moments. Consider the camera specifications, such as the megapixel count, lens quality, and image stabilization capabilities. Optical zoom, night mode, and portrait mode can greatly enhance your photography experience.

Water and Dust Resistance

Accidents happen, and it is important to have a phone that can withstand them. Look for a phone with an IP rating indicating its water and dust resistance capabilities. This will ensure your phone remains protected even when exposed to rain or accidental spills.


A phone with excellent connectivity options can greatly enhance your user experience. Look for features such as 5G compatibility, NFC for contactless payments, and Bluetooth support for connecting to various devices. Additionally, ensure that the phone has a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection.

Software and Updates

The software running on your phone greatly influences your overall experience. Look for a phone that offers the latest operating system version and receives regular updates. This ensures you have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches.

Build Quality and Design

A phone’s build quality and design can greatly impact its durability and aesthetics. Look for phones made from premium materials such as glass or metal, as they are more durable. Additionally, consider the design; a sleek and ergonomic design can greatly enhance the user experience.


We hope we guided you well in choosing a mobile phone that requires careful consideration of various premium features. Prioritize display quality, processing power, battery life, camera performance, and biometric security. You can also find water and dust resistance in the HONOR Magic6 Pro specs. Remember to consider your budget and personal preferences when making your final decision.

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