Cell Phone or Tablet, What’s Better?

Cell phones change our lives and improve our experience in various aspects. A feature-rich operating system gives us access to a vast app store and the capacity to play, download, and share multimedia files like movies, games, and music. At the same time, the emergence of tablets has a shock on cell phone and laptop users, since tablets are like mega-size cell phones. But in fact, cell phones are still better choices. In this article, we will talk about some advantages of cell phones.

5 Advantages of Cell Phones

  1. Size

For our daily communication needs, the cell phone is made with a perfect size. For most cell phones in the current market, the pockets of our jeans and jackets are perfect matches. However, it is not that convenient to bring a tablet with us, as it will keep one of our hands occupied. Also, some tablets are even built with large sizes like laptops, making them more difficult to carry.

  1. Connections

This is one of the core differences between a cell phone and a tablet. We make calls with our cell phones, and always text and receive messages whenever we want. Nevertheless, tablets hardly ever have access to cellular networks, in contrast to smartphones. This implies that you must use Wi-Fi to access the internet and that you are unable to make phone calls unless they are placed using Skype, WhatsApp, or a comparable app.

  1. Battery and Durability

With the massive and continuous need for cell phones, the battery capacity becomes essential to keep them running for a longer period. For example, HONOR 200 Lite contains a battery of 4500mAh, allowing the user to keep it on for at least 24 hours while charging. Sadly, with a giant screen, your tablet has to be charged after using it for a couple of hours, setting more limitations to your schedule and plans.

  1. The Range of Options

Under fierce competition and ongoing demands, the cell phone market always offers you a wide range of choices every moment. These options can be divided by functions, design prices, etc. For instance, many new cell phone models are released every year that cover different features, including 5G accessibility, better cameras, faster processors, and other highlights. Based on your budget, you will be able to choose dozens of brands and models that match your needs. However, the choices for tablets will be far fewer under a smaller market demand.

  1. Daily Flexible Needs

Many apps have been developed that you need to use in your life. For example, when shopping, we can use a cell phone to pay, or use a cell phone to scan code to check and get information. These apps can be used anytime and anywhere because we always carry our cell phones with us. In contrast, using a tablet will seem less convenient, and in many cases, we will not take the tablet out of the house.


In conclusion, cell phones are built with perfect sizes to be carried around. In addition, the connection in cell phones allows us to call and text freely, while these functions need a Wi-Fi connection and suitable Apps for tablets. Furthermore, with a small screen and improved battery size, we can keep our cell phones on for a longer time compared to a tablet. Besides, complex competitions give us a greater range of choices in the cell phone market than in the tablet market, and the daily needs extend the use of cell phones as well.

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